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Two EDF nuclear power plants are equipped with FlowStop


In the nuclear industry, infrastructure safety is crucial. Nuclear power plants, in particular, must be protected against the risk of flooding to avoid any major disruption.

EDF’s Chinon plant in Indre-et-Loire was commissioned in the 1980s and produces 5.4% of France’s nuclear output.

The Belleville sur Loire plant is located in the Cher department and supplies 100% of the region’s electricity needs.

These 2 power plants called on FlowStop in early 2023 to protect several of their buildings.

In the sensitive areas of the Chinon power plant, for example, it was not possible to carry out construction work, drill through walls or install fixed elements. Only a solution like FlowStop would do.

After months of waiting to obtain access authorization and hours spent going through rigorous security checks, our team went on site to successfully install Flowstops in several strategic areas of the plant, including the video zone.

Working with the technical and site manager, the Flowstop team carried out the training and initial deployment. Plant personnel were impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of the installation, as well as by the extremely light handling of these devices.

This model of flood protection in EDF nuclear power plants is also suitable for other industrial sites, ensuring safety and continuity of operations in the event of flooding.

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