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How to measure your openings

  • Materials required: a simple tape measure
  • Measurement accuracy: to within 0.4 inch
  • Measure at ground level and at a height of around 31.5 inch, as explained in the video below:

Note: If your opening is not perfectly parallel, use the widest measurement..

Quotations and Orders

Request a quote

Before placing your order, you can request a quotation and attach photos of your openings if you wish. Enter your information and the measurements of your openings by clicking on the button at the top right of the Quotation site.

You’ll receive an estimate by e-mail within 24 hours.

Flowstop model

For the double cushion, the minimum height required is 31.5 inch by default.

For single cushions, please request a quotation.

Validate and pay

When you confirm your order, you will have the option to pay your invoice:

  • By credit card
  • 3x and 4x free of charge
  • By bank transfer
  • By check
Order and delivery confirmation

You will receive confirmation of your payment by e-mail. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for manufacturing and delivery of your device. When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an information e-mail with a tracking number.

When you receive your order, please check its contents and let us know of any problems within 7 days. FlowStop custom orders are final sales. For further information, please consult our General Sales Conditions.


Installation tips

The regular cushion inflates in two parts, for a better seal. When you install your FlowStop, you pre-inflate the top cushion and place it in your opening. Don’t hesitate to force it in, as the seal is designed to absorb tension. Once in place, inflate the bottom part. This inflates the cushion to its maximum so that no water can pass through.

How to install a Flowstop pump

How do I inflate my Flowstop?

How do I deflate my Flowstop?

Download the user manual

Right here 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does flowstop prevent flooding damages?

Our inflatable devices are custom-made to fit your door’s frame and create a high-pressure, sealed barrier in any framed opening, preventing water from entering.

Can I set up a Flowstop against a window?
Yes. The pressure that holds the flowstop in place is against the frame, the side of the opening, not the door or window. Flowstop won’t put any pressure or resistance or inflict any damage to your door or window.
Does flowstop resist strong wind?
Yes, our technology is designed to resist pulling and pushing forces.
Is flowstop resistant against debris?
Yes! We tested our flowstop against heavy logs, bricks, and scissors. Our double PVC panels are incredibly resistant.
Can I use Flowstop if my frame is uneven?
Yes, Flowstop is an inflatable device; therefore, the shape of the devices will adapt to the unperfect environment.
Can I use Flowstop on a slope?
Yes, Flowstop will hold a strong seal on a slope as well.
Where can I see flowstop in person?
We are offering a demo program. Contact us to get your demo device sent to your house.
When do I set up my Flowstops?
Your Flowstop devices can be inflated minutes or months before a risk of flooding is announced. We designed our high-quality valves to keep the pressure up to 2 months.
Flowstops are inflated at 13.5 PSI pressure. At such pressure, even in extreme temperature differences, the pressure is such that there is no alteration of the shape or resistance. We tested Flowstops at 167f without any problem.
What size do I order?
Measure the size of the opening you want to protect (not the size of the door/window) and order a flow stop of that width. Please visit our tutorial for more information.
What size do you have?
Flowstops are custom-made to fit your opening. We can custom-make any size or shape. Our standards are rectangular shapes with 31.5″ in height, 6″ – 7.5″ in depth, and 40″- 177″ in width. We can also custom-make round or square devices.
Do I need to purchase tools or other equipment to use my Flowstop?
No, there is no additional cost or need for any installation tool. We include a pump to inflate your Flowstop with your order. You only need a measuring tape to measure the width of your openings before ordering to ensure we create the perfect flowstop for your doors and windows.
How long does it take to receive my devices?
Standard sizes that we carry in stock ship within 3 days; depending on the size you need, custom sizes can take up to 3 weeks to produce.
Can I re-use my flowstops?
Yes! Flowstop guarantees over a hundred uses.
FlowStop is a custom-made inflatable anti-flood device that protects openings in your building from exterior flooding. Our devices are 100% watertight and created specifically to fit your openings. From front and garage doors to windows of any size, we offer flood protection to prevent costly disasters.

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