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FlowStop equips the commune of Breil sur Roya


In October 2020, storm Alex took a heavy toll on the commune of Breil sur Roya, in the Alpes Maritimes region of France. Among the material damage caused by this devastating storm. The town council had to deal with an estimated €450,000 in damage to its public buildings. The concern was to protect the town’s cultural heritage and public services in the face of extreme climatic events.

Faced with this growing threat. The commune of Breil sur Roya, under the impetus of its mayor Sébastien Olharan, has decided to protect its assets. But above all, to guarantee the safety of its population in the face of flooding.

27 FlowStop flood deflectors have been deployed on the municipality’s various buildings. The advantages of these new cofferdams lie in their ease of use. Light weight, practicality and lower cost than traditional metal cofferdams.

Above all, however, it was the lack of work involved that convinced us. It is in fact impossible to fix slides into walls, as the buildings are protected.

The example of Breil sur Roya perfectly illustrates the need for local authorities to take preventive measures in the face of climate change. By investing in innovative solutions such as FlowStop inflatable cofferdams. Towns can not only protect their public buildings, but also guarantee the safety and peace of mind of their citizens.

At the public meeting, the town council also announced a special offer, this time aimed at protecting residents’ homes.

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