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FlowStop wins Lepine 2023 award


In 2023, we’re getting more and more press and media appearances, our work to disseminate our product is starting to bear fruit, and incoming requests are increasing month by month.

But the real breakthrough came in May 2023, when we finished 2nd out of 371 at the Concours Lepine and won the Prime Minister’s Prize. For 122 years, French genius has been honored with inventions that have forever changed our daily lives: the 2-stroke engine, the iron, the ballpoint pen, the electric oven and the lawnmower.

In our own small way, we are following in the illustrious footsteps of these inventors, having understood our new daily life: adapting to the new climate situation.

Looking to the future

Today, thousands of inventions remain to be created to act downstream and upstream on climate change. France has countless brains, common sense and energy to meet these challenges. FlowStop is part of this dynamic and part of the future.

We now equip thousands of private customers in France and abroad via our distributors, and hundreds of businesses as varied as supermarkets, hotels, campsites, warehouses, airports and even a nuclear power plant.

Latest publications

FlowStop is a custom-made inflatable anti-flood device that protects openings in your building from exterior flooding. Our devices are 100% watertight and created specifically to fit your openings. From front and garage doors to windows of any size, we offer flood protection to prevent costly disasters.

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