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Flowstop equips Carrefour’s bottling warehouse in Nîmes


Carrefour’s bottling subsidiary in Nimes faces major logistical challenges. With a colossal warehouse housing a massive amount of bottle stock.

Unfortunately, this subsidiary faces a recurring problem: annual flooding that threatens their stock.

The nature of the bottling site presents several complications. Frequent flooding is not the only challenge; the site also features six aluminum unloading docks. These docks, each measuring 4 meters, become extremely slippery when wet.

The metal cladding used in the site’s infrastructure further complicates the installation of anti-flooding solutions.

To meet these challenges, the subsidiary opted for an innovative and practical solution: the annual rental of specific inflatable protection devices. Here’s how this solution was implemented and the benefits it offers:

  • Specific Inflatable Protection: These devices are designed to be easily deployed and removed. They provide an effective barrier against flood waters, protecting the cylinder stock from flood damage.

  • Training and maintenance: Every year, a team of FlowStop technicians visits the site to check the protections. This team also trains the subsidiary’s staff in the deployment and maintenance of the devices. This ensures optimum use and proper maintenance of the inflatable protectors.

  • Improved adhesion: The solution includes a specific coating, the over-joint, which enables the protections to adhere well to aluminum docks and metal cladding. This coating is crucial in ensuring that the covers stay in place despite slippery conditions.

  • Reactivity: The covers are stored pre-inflated and hung right next to each opening. This means they can be deployed in the shortest possible time.

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